The next-generation, vertically integrated genomics platform.

Founded by the experienced entrepreneurs behind companies such as Autonomy, 365 and Ethereum, 3 Billion Pairs is building a new genomic economy where members earn a dividend by “staking” their genome and associated biomarkers.

Reimagining healthcare by enabling precision medicine for everyone.

Our next gen AI/ML solution allows for unprecedented turnaround times from early diagnosis to accelerated clinical trials.


Our open platform offers unprecedented access to 100% DNA pseudonymous profiles augmented by priceless socio-demographic biomarkers to pharmaceutical companies and bio-hackers alike.

A New Economy

We are ushering in a new genomic economy where anyone around the world can transparently earn a passive income for helping humanity push science forward.

Privacy First

Our privacy-first development model ensures that even if our systems were to be compromised, no personal information would ever be leaked.

A new Frontier

We provide the tools for developers to make applications commercially available on our App Store, enabling 3rd parties to shed light on the 98.5% of ‘dark genome’ that unites all of us.

Genomic OS

Our scalable, cloud based AI/ML platform helps our members live their best, longest possible life by leveraging currently fragmented and unstructured data.

Precision Medicine for all

Our platform lowers the load on the national healthcare services by empowering our members to explore their identity, health and ancestry while providing them with actionable insight.

Open, Secure, Honest and Humanist, it is our mission to enable our members  to explore their true ‘self’, identity and health, link up with other like-minded members and empower them with a ‘genomic dashboard’.


In a world of distrust in many companies and institutions, our trusted reputation will be earned by continually delivering on our core values and regular public audits.


As the custodians of personal data that we securely manage on behalf of our members and partners, we hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards.


With openness, communication, and accountability at our core, we pride ourselves on giving our members full transparency and control of their data, at all times.

C/O Pkf Littlejohn, 15 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom, E14 4HD